Questions? We have answers! Below is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Client Care Department at (888) 411-3252, Monday through Friday (8:00am – 4:00pm PST), or simply use our contact form.

Ovation haircare products are free of nut related ingredients and are manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices. Please note: Our facility does produce products that include nut derived ingredients. We recommend you conduct an informal "patch test" under supervision of your physician to determine if our products are indeed suitable.

Yes, all Ovation Hair products are safe while pregnant or nursing.

If you are interested in purchasing a fragrance-free Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment, please call us at 888-411-3252

Cell Therapy Hair Treatment nourishes the hair and scalp with proteins, vitamins, and amino acids that bind and absorb into the hair shaft to create thicker, longer, stronger, and visibly healthier hair.

We recommend incorporating Cell Therapy into your haircare washing regime 2-3 times per week. Do not exceed three Cell Therapy Hair Treatment applications between shampoos. Overuse of Cell Therapy Hair Treatment may result in stiff or weighed down hair, and possible breakage. Call us for a personalized regime to work Cell Therapy into your haircare routine at 888.411.3252

We recommend consulting with your stylist before incorporating Cell Therapy into your hair care routine if you have a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment. Cell Therapy contains keratin and proteins which could cause protein overexposure, leading to dry, brittle hair. Please keep in mind our sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are safe to use anytime.

Ovation products are not medicated; we do not recommend that you use in combination with medicated hair growth products. Please consult your stylist or dermatologist before incorporating any other product into our Ovation Hair Care Systems.

A quarter to half dollar size amount, depending on hair length.

Our Cell Therapy Systems are the perfect way to experience the amazing benefits of Ovation products. These three-step systems provide a Shampoo, Cell Therapy and a Conditioner that work synergistically to maximize performance and cost-savings.

The Cell Therapy formula is the same in each system – including the Men's Max Pack (fragrance varies for the men). The difference between the systems resides in the moisture levels in the Shampoo & Conditioner which complete the system. We recommend choosing your Cell Therapy System based on your hair type and/or hair care concern.

Individuals with dry, damaged hair we recommend our Moisture System. For those with baby fine or limp hair, we recommend our Volume System which provides minimal moisture. Our Balance system offers a balance of moisture and volume and is best for most hair types, including fine hair types with dry ends. Our Color Protection System is perfect for color-treated hair, formulated with Quinoa, rice proteins, amino acids and nutrients which provide color protecting properties. Our Curl System is perfect for curly and kinky hair types and is formulated with marshmallow extract for added slip and moisture.

If you would like a personalized recommendation, our Personal Account Representatives are available to help Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm PST at 888.411.3252

Our product formulations are hair maximizers, and most customers notice that their hair appears stronger and thicker after a few uses; however, typical results are apparent after 4-6 weeks. Results can vary for each client.

Yes. When washing hair, use the Routine Therapy Treatment method as directed on the bottle. Between shampoos, apply Cell Therapy Hair Treatment to moist hair. Massage the product into the scalp using your fingertips. Leave in for as long as two hours, then rinse. Many clients do not want to rinse their hair because of the styling that they receive every 1-2 weeks, so they leave Cell Therapy massaged into their roots like a lotion and wait for the next shampoo to rinse. Do not exceed three Cell Therapy Hair Treatment applications between shampoos. Overuse of Cell Therapy Hair Treatment may result in stiff or weighed down hair, and possible breakage.

Yes. The ingredients in Ovation products are all naturally derived, so they do not interfere with any chemical processing. Real extension hair may absorb excessive protein, so it is important to concentrate application to the scalp. Refer to stylist care recommendations for additional information.

No. All Ovation products are formulated exactly the same and designed to serve the hair care needs of both men and women. The only variable is the fragrance. The Men's Shampoo is equivalent to the Color Protection Shampoo, with a more masculine fragrance.

Our studies have shown that men typically prefer not to use a moisturizer as part of their daily hair treatment. Our Men's Max Pack includes only the Men's Shampoo and Cell Therapy Hair Treatment. For men who prefer a moisturizer, we recommend our Balance system.

Yes, Ovation Men's Healthy Hair Gel can be applied to wet or dry hair. The gel offers flexible hold and will vary depending on styling. For a dry hold, use a small amount before blow-drying. For a firmer hold or a wet look, apply to wet hair using a bit more product.

No. We do not use oils or waxes that can weigh down your hair.

Our Moisture Conditioner adds moisture and softens your hair, as well as increases shine, prevents breakage, and maximizes hair length. Using the Moisturizing Conditioner enhances the effectiveness of all other Ovation products by working synergistically to balance proteins and maintain nourished, moisturized hair.

No, ingredients are added for volume. We recommend the Volume Conditioner for fine hair.

As often as you deem necessary. We recommend using the mask once a week at a minimum – depending on hair condition.

No. The Intensive Repair Hair Mask is a moisturizing treatment to be used in addition to your regular routine. While conditioners provide detangling benefits, the hair mask was developed to provide deep, intensive repair to your hair. We recommend using this intensive repair hair mask once to twice a week depending on hair condition.

Yes. Our Shampoos offer a gentle cleanse perfect for everyday use. We recommend using Ovation Clarifying Shampoo 1x per week - 1x per month depending upon hair needs.

The Volume and Moisture Shampoos are sulfate- free. Our Clarifying and Lux Shampoos formulas include Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a gentle, foaming surfactant that is derived from natural coconut extract. It is gentle on hair, and will not strip away highlights, unlike other products containing harsher sulfates.

Yes. Our Leave-In Detangler Spray supports any Ovation treatment system for thicker, stronger, longer hair by eliminating tangles for reduced breakage.

Yes, you can use our Detangler Spray on wet/damp hair before combing or on dry hair to target tough tangles.

The amount you require will depend upon the length of your hair. The detangler spray will not weigh your locks down, so spray evenly and liberally.

Yes. Ovation's weightless hair oil penetrates hair to restore brilliant shine and can be applied to damp or dry hair, one time or throughout the day as needed.

Ovation Essential Hair Oil can be used to condition, style or add shine as a finishing touch to your hair.

No. Ovation Essential Hair Oil is all natural and silicone free.

These are 100% natural and sustainable emollients alternatives to silicones that enhance hair's shine and texture.

Yes, Ovation Volume Enhancer can be used alone or with any of the Ovation products.

We recommend using the Volume Enhancer on wet hair and then styling with a blow dryer.

Yes. Our Thermal Protection Spray supports any Ovation treatment system for thicker, stronger, longer hair by protecting against damaging heat and rays.

Yes, use the Thermal Protection spray on wet hair before blow-drying, or on dry hair before applying any heat styling tools or before going out into the sun.

Ovation Multivitamin will replace a daily multivitamin, however they can be taken with other supplements like Omega 3s and additional antioxidants we recommend you check with your physician.

No. This is not a hair growth product. Ovation Hair Vitamins provide you with vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health.

Yes. We use only natural herbs and botanical extracts in our formulas.

Once you've accrued 50 points as a Loyalty Rewards Member, you will earn $32.50 in the form of a Loyalty Reward to apply towards any future order. If you are applying your reward online, you simply enter in the code during the checkout process, under the payment method area.

Once you've accrued 50 points as a Loyalty Rewards Member, you will earn $32.50 in the form of a Loyalty Reward to apply towards any future order. If you wish to apply your reward on a Replenishment Order, please contact us at 888-411-3252, Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:00pm PST.

You may order online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) or PayPal.

If you would prefer to pay by cashier's check or money order, please call us as we will need to prepare an order estimate for you. Payment must be received prior to shipping the order.

All Ovation products are shipped out of our San Diego, CA warehouse, Monday through Friday.

We will include your tracking number and information in your order confirmation email. Please note all free shipping offers apply only to ground ship methods.

If your tracking information shows your package delivered but you can't locate it, you may want to reference these common situations:

The carrier may have placed it in a safer location, please check:

- Mailbox, porch, garage
- Any area out of potential weather hazards
- Check your mailbox again as some packages come separately from your regular mail
- Check with nearby neighbors or others in your house that may have accepted it

If you followed the above steps and you are still unable to locate your shipment, please contact us either by phone, chat or email to report a missing shipment so we may initiate an investigation/tracer with the carrier. If the original package is unable to be located upon completion of the carrier's investigation, we will be happy to reship your order with complimentary signature required service to ensure delivery.

If you received items damaged during transit, please save the damaged box and product(s) and contact our Client Service team at 888-411-3252, Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:00pm PST.

For questions regarding a product purchased from an authorized retailer, such as Amazon, please contact the retailer directly.

Yes, and the shipping cost is an all inclusive charge covering shipping, taxes, duties & brokerage fee. We ship internationally via UPS Worldwide Expedited to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom and the Virgin Islands. At this time expedited shipping is not available.

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