Men's Healthy Hair Gel

  • Works for a variety of styles, dry or wet
  • Hydrating and strengthening
  • Creamy gel formulation
  • Natural ingredients, including olive oil and aloe
  • Fresh, masculine scent

Especially Designed for:

  • Men
  • Fine or thin hair
  • All hair types
  • Active lifestyles

Will this work for Me?


I have never before written a company regarding a product, but your products have proven to be so outstanding I had to reach out and tell you how pleased I've been with the results. I cannot thank you enough. A product that actually lives up to its claims and then some. Well done!

  • Maribeth

I have gotten compliments from complete strangers on my hair. And I sing the praises of Ovation to everyone I can. I also have ordered your 6 oz. set for two of my friends, who love Ovation, as well. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

  • Karen

Purpose and Pure Ingredients


Designed especially for men, Ovation Men’s Healthy Hair Gel will improve your hair’s health and appearance while giving you a variety of styling options. From sleek and smooth, to full-bodied control, Ovation Men’s Healthy Hair Gel works to nourish your scalp, hair fiber, and roots.

Our unique creamy gel formulation, derived from natural ingredients, is formulated to strengthen, hydrate, and protect your hair and scalp. Ovation Men’s Healthy Hair Gel will give your hair fullness and shine, without flakes. Fragranced with Wood Creek, our masculine signature scent, our Men’s Healthy Hair Gel will complement your active lifestyle and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean throughout the day.

Pure Ingredients

  • Silicone Quaternium-16/Glycidoxy Dimethicone Crosspolymer to add bounce, hold, and flexibility. Defines curls and makes hair feel smoother and easier to comb. Helps control frizz.
  • Panthenyl Hydroxypropyl Steardimonium Chloride is a derived from Panthenol. It forms a protective barrier and increases the strength of the hair shaft.
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein is a source of peptides and amino acids used to coat the hair shaft and to help strengthen the fiber.
  • Arctium Lappa Root (Burdock) Extract is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids (EFAs), including rare long-chain EFAs that help improve hair shine and strength. 
  • Hedera Helix (Ivy) Extract to provide anti-seborrheic properties that help prevent greasy hair and dandruff.
  • Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Seed (Fenugreek) Extract to stimulate the follicle.
  • Aloe Vera to soothe, moisturize, and heal hair and scalp.
  • Sodium L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylate (PCA):  Amino-based humectants used to restore moisture and provide a soft velvety feeling to hair.
  • Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Oleosomes suspends and releases emollient oils and vitamin E continually over time.
  • Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil derived from olives to improve product distribution throughout the hair, and leave hair shiny, nourished, and lubricated.
  • Fragrance of Wood Creek.

Frequently Asked Questions


Place a dime- to quarter-sized amount in palm and rub hands together. Apply throughout hair, rinse excess from hands, and style. For a firmer hold, use additional product. To reactivate, simply re-wet and style again.

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Can I use the Men’s Hair Gel without the Men’s Cell Therapy®?

Yes, our Healthy Hair gel can be used with or without Cell Therapy®. However, the hair gel is a styling product and does not have the same benefits as the Cell Therapy® Hair Treatment.

Can I apply to dry hair?

Yes, Ovation Men’s Healthy Hair Gel can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Does it give a wet or dry look?

The gel offers flexible hold and will vary depending on styling. For a dry hold, use a small amount before blow-drying. For a firmer hold or a wet look, apply to wet hair using a bit more product.

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